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Ion Channel Consortium for Ion Channel Drug Discovery formed by Aurora, Alion Pharmaceuticals and Specs

Delft, The Netherlands, February 14, 2012

Specs is pleased to announce to have signed an agreement with Aurora Biomed Inc. and Alion Pharmaceuticals to form a new Ion Channel Drug Discovery Consortium that will provide a novel, comprehensive solution for ion channel drug discovery. Together, the three companies will offer value added identification and validation of ion channel modulators. The Ion Channel Consortium combines Alion's proprietary method for short-listing drug candidates, Specs' reliable sourcing and synthesis of compounds and Aurora's superior patch clamp services thus enabling time and cost savings while providing a unique method to identify new drug candidates for channelopathies.


About Aurora Biomed

Aurora Biomed Inc. is a global leader in the design and development of laboratory solutions for life science, environmental science and drug discovery focussing on ion channel screening services and innovative high-throughput ion channel screening technology. Aurora's proprietary ion channel readers address drug safety issues earlier in the discovery process and provides contract research services for ion channels, channel forming proteins and toxins, creation and testing of mutant cDNA ion channels, and various ion channel cell lines.


About Specs

Specs is the world's leading provider of on-site and/or off-site compound management services besides being one of the main suppliers of high-quality screening compounds, building blocks and natural products. Specs also employs a highly experienced group of chemists for synthetic and cheminformatics services on a FTE or FFS basis for lead discovery programs. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and world-class expertise, Specs provides custom-tailored services and breakthrough solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical industry worldwide, allowing the customers to concentrate on the development of their core (research) activities.


About Alion Pharmaceuticals

Alion Pharmaceuticals in silico technology rapidly identifies lead compounds to modulate certain ligand and voltage-gated ion channels, including the AMPA, NMDA, nAch receptors, calcium and potassium ion channels as well as protein-protein interactions. Alion's technology is applicable to designing small molecule leads for specific ion channels and macro-molecule targets, where only the structure of a peptide (or protein) ligand is known. High value compounds, provided by Specs, can then have their effect on ion channels and are characterized through limited experimentation.

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