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 Specs.net Newsletter Issue I, 2007
Dear Specs.net user,
Welcome to the March 2007 issue of the Specs.net newsletter!
In this issue:
1 - Compound Aggregation
2 - InChI
TM searching on Specs.net
3 - American Express added to payment module Specs.net
4 - New compounds from the Specs Research Laboratory
5 - Specs on tour

6 - New Compound Library available

1 - Compound Aggregation


Recently, Specs has closed two new Compound Aggregation deals and contract negotiations with more customers are ongoing. This underlines the popularity of this service whereby Specs acts as a third party purchaser of screening compounds from numerous compound vendors. The administration involved when purchasing compounds from many vendors can be overwhelming when it comes to placing the orders, shipping of vials/plates to these vendors, order follow-up, order delivery, receiving the compounds and their data in the proper format, etc..


The entire process from placing the orders to shipping the compounds in customer specific format to the end user can be organized by Specs. This includes e.g.:


·          order administration

·          receiving the goods

·          checking the structural integrity according to YOUR guidelines

·          consolidate the databases

·          checking the weights

·          performing quality control

·          transferring to your vials / packaging

·          preparing mother and daughter plates

·          shipping


In short, Compound Aggregation offers you the convenience of receiving all the required compounds in the right format; numerous vendors, one order, one point of contact! Please contact us for additional information on this exciting service.



2 - InChITM searching on Specs.net


Recently, the 'Chemistry search' menu on Specs.net was expanded with the option to perform InChITM searches in the databases. With adding the InChITM search possibility to our site we support the newest way of describing chemical structures in text. As the InChITM becomes more widely adopted, it is expected that it will become a standardized referencing method and a way to search for chemical structures both over the Internet and in proprietary databases.


Read more about the new InChITM search in the corresponding news item on this web site.


Supported Credit Cards on Specs.net3 - American Express added to payment module Specs.net

Last month, the on-line Credit Card payment module on Specs.net was  expanded with support for American Express. Besides VISA and MasterCard it now is possible to select American Express as your preferred credit card in the drop down list at the bottom of the order form when preparing an order.
cLogP4 - New compounds from the Specs Research Laboratory

At the Specs Research Laboratory (SRL) new compounds are synthesized as part of a research project with the acronym "cLogP". These new compounds or "parts" can be coupled in various ways to other parts yielding compounds for screening that are chemically new, have "Rule of 4" characteristics and have sufficient handles for optimization. In the next Specs.net newsletter we will present more details about this project. For more information, please contact Specs at info@specs.net.

5 - Specs on tour
If you would like to set up a meeting with one of our representatives, please send an e-mail to info@specs.net.

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