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Natural Products

Specs offers a diverse and unique set of isolated and synthesized natural products and derivatives thereof from natural sources like plants, fungi, bacteria, sea organisms, etc. These compounds can range from common to very complex and rare natural products.

General Information
The main feature of the natural products is that they are purely isolated or synthesized and well characterized compounds. This means that no extracts are offered. All natural products are checked against the 'Chapman and Hall Dictionary of Natural Products' to validate the integrity and stereochemistry of the compounds and to provide a literature reference.

Compound Information
The following information is provided with the natural products:

  • Molecular structure and molecular formula
  • (Trivial) name of the natural product (if the compound is a derivative, the name of the parent structure and 'derivative of' is mentioned, e.g. 'Dubamine ' derivative of')
  • (Latin) name of the source of the natural product (for example: 'Isolated from Haplophullum latifolium')
  • Available stereochemical information

All natural products offered have been checked by 1H-NMR and LC/MS to ensure the integrity of the structure and a purity higher than 80%.

In general, the natural products are available in vial format from 5 mg and up. All natural products are individually priced.

Specs also offers a pre-plated natural product library of 400 compounds delivered as 10mM DMSO solution in five 96-well plates. A database with the structures of this library is available upon request. For each natural product of the pre-plated library, an archive amount of 10 mg (2 batches of 5 mg) is retained in the stock of Specs for follow-up.
These archive amounts are available for customers who acquired the pre-plated natural products library and will be supplied on a 'first come, first served' basis. ¤

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