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Other projects

Predictive models
Through the years Specs collected valuable data by handling and measuring millions of samples. Often these data are very useful for building predictive models. Good examples are the DMSO solubility model in collaboration with ACD/Labs and the predictive model on compound stability in DMSO solution (COMDECOM project).

Content projects
A lot of this valuable data (see above) are disclosed via content providers like Accelrys and STN. Specs is also supporting research initiatives providing content such as the free docking site ZINC from the University of California or the IUPAC-NIST chemical identifier currently better known as the InChI identifier.


Publishing of data
Specs has a lot of experience in building databases and registering data from other parties. Based upon this experience we can also help you to collect your data and make them available through the world wide web.

As an example, for over 12 years (from 2000 to 2012), Specs hosted and maintained the web-site and content of the Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, making all structures searchable that were published in this journal since 1964. Specs' chemists also acted as a second line review in order to enhance the correctness of this Chemistry Journal even further. ¤

Specs is always interested in starting new collaborations. For further information please contact our Lead Development department.

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