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Per-shelf compound storage for small to medium-sized libraries

Specs is becoming increasingly recognized by the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry as one of the leading companies for outsourced compound management services. We now routinely store and handle hundreds of thousands, to millions of compounds for several of the top 10 pharma companies, biotech, research organizations and NGO’s in dedicated, climate and humidity controlled Kardex Remstar storage systems.

In addition to building yet another new Kardex storage system for a new US-based customer at our site in Cumberland, Maryland, we are also expanding our current dedicated storage system with a sixth shuttle for one of our European partners at our headquarters in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. Furthermore, we are also installing a new, stand-alone Kardex system for third party compound storage at our Dutch site for companies that are looking to outsource the storage and handling of their small and middle-sized compound libraries. In this ‘shared facility’ setup, both solutions and solid compounds can be stored per dedicated shelf at room temperature as well as at -20°C, with 100% data segregation and tailor-made compound delivery SLA’s. This ‘rent-a-shelf’ principle is a very cost-effective way to outsource your compound management activities by reducing and controlling operational costs as well as investments in, and maintenance of expensive infrastructure, dramatically lowering valuable capital expenditure.

If you are interested in outsourcing the storage and handling of any sized compound collection, ranging from less than a hundred to several thousand or over a million vails, as well as plates and/or tubes, feel free to contact us at

Per-shelf compound storage for small to medium-sized libraries

published on: 04-Dec-19