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Another Kardex store installed

Specs recently completed the installation of another Kardex solid compound storage system at our production facility in Cumberland in the USA. This compound store will have the capacity to house over 1 million compounds, as part of a major repository collaboration with another “Top 10” pharmaceutical company. The following time lapse video took place over 3 weeks of the installation.

Interested in our Compound storage services?
Using our storage space and facilities in both Europe and the United States, we are ready to store your powder and liquid samples, format them on demand into any required format and distribute them to your site locations around the world.

This service eliminates the need to have an organized compound repository on site while keeping your libraries easily accessible. Our storage conditions range from storage at ambient temperature to a cooled and refrigerated environment.

Compound ordering, handling, reformatting, plating, quality control, storage; Specs can take care of it all. In the end an organized delivery is made, one shipment, one database and one invoice. Ordering compounds has never been so easy.

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Another Kardex store installed

published on: 16-Nov-17