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In this issue:

1 - Specs triples refrigerated compound storage capacity
2 - New: Shipment notification and data download on Specs.net
3 - Specs.net offers SOAP access via compound power gateway

4 - Specs on tour
5 - Latest compound releases

1 - Specs triples refrigerated compound storage capacity

In order to keep up with the increasing demand for total library management services, Specs has effectively tripled its refrigerated compound storage capacity. We now routinely handle, reformat, plate and store many thousands of compounds in plate, vial and tube format, not only from our own compound repository, but also for an increasing number of clients who have found Specs to be a trusted partner to outsource their valuable stock compounds and compound management activities.

As an integral part of our total library management process, Specs also performs quality control projects for third parties and clients who have entrusted us with their compound repository in order to ensure the purity and integrity of their compounds.

If you would like to receive more information on Specs’ total library management services including registration, reformatting, quality control, plating and storage, please contact us at info@specs.net. References are available on request.

2 - New: Shipment notification and data download on Specs.net

Frequent Specs.net users might have noticed some changes to the Specs.net portal. All shipment data of on-line Specs.net orders can conveniently be found using the ‘Order overview’ on the left-hand side of the menu bar after login. Besides the real-time status of your orders also specific data such as ID-numbers, vial barcodes, quantity and chemical information can be downloaded in either Microsoft Excel, Semicolon-separated data file and in SD-file format.

With the order-tracking option you can easily keep track of previous orders and shipment data. All the data you need can be downloaded from the drop-down list with one simple mouse-click. After placing your Specs.net order you will receive and automatic shipment notification as soon as your compounds are ready to be shipped. Keeping track of your compounds has never been this easy!

3 - Specs.net offers SOAP access via compound power gateway

For developers and advanced users, the Specs.net compound power gateway webservice offers SOAP access to the actual availability, properties and molfile of a Specs compound for integration into your application. For example you could call this webservice from a KNIME workflow in order to retrieve the applicable information and molfile of one of our compounds using a list of Specs ID numbers.

Read more about the Specs.net compound power gateway...

4 - Specs on tour

If you would like to set up a meeting with one of our representatives, please send an e-mail to info@specs.net.

Specs has, among others, also been present at a number of international conferences, sharing knowledge and experience with professionals in the field, strengthening the existing relationships and seeking new business opportunities.

We were honored to be one of the sponsors of the latter meeting in which invited speaker Ms. Marybeth Burton, Associate Director Lead Discovery Compound Management at Merck Research Laboratories USA, presented the challenges of compound management in the post-merger epoch and the role of Merck’s collaboration with Specs in this process.

5 - Latest compound releases

The latest release of the complete Specs compound library is available for download from www.specs.net. Login using your personal account details and download the library from the Available Databases directory on the 'Upload/Download' page. If you don’t have a personal account yet you can fill in the registration form and within 24 hours you will receive your personal login data.

The August 2012 Specs Compound Library release includes:

  • Screening Compounds:
  • Building Blocks:
  • Natural Products:
  • New Exciting Academic Database (ExAcD):
  • World Diversity Set 3 (WDS3):
  • Specs Consortium database:

203,591 entries (10 mg and more)

8,509 entries
467 entries
391,557 entries

10,000 pre-plated compounds
30,335 pre-plated compounds

It is possible to download these databases or the latest additions to the screening compounds collection.

Upon request a CD-ROM version of Specs’ compound library releases can be send to you free of charge. This CD-ROM is released once every 6 months. In order to receive these CD-ROM releases, please request your subscription here or contact our sales department at info@specs.net and refer to our CD-ROM releases.

For more information on compounds available in smaller quantities (minimum amount 1 mg), please contact our sales department at info@specs.net.

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