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Dear Specs.net user,

Welcome to the March 2012 issue of the Specs.net newsletter!
In this issue:

1 - Specs US Compound Handling facility has moved
2 - Specs continues PCI DSS certification in 2012
3 - Specs, Aurora Biomed Inc. and Alion Pharmaceuticals form Ion Channel Drug Discovery Consortium
4 - Compound procurement
5 - Specs on tour
6 - Latest compound releases


1 - Specs US Compound Handling facility has moved

Specs is excited to announce that our Specs US Compound Handling facility has moved to a new location in Cumberland, Maryland. Our new and state-of-the-art facility is better equipped and better suited to fulfill the ever increasing demands of the compound management community. We have extended our compound handling facility and increased our refrigerated (+4°C / -20°C) storage capacity to further compliment our full compound repository and handling services.

Anticipating future growth, we are also able to double our effective floor space on short notice. Although Specs has 25 years of experience in purchasing, handling, storing and distributing research compounds, our all-American and highly motivated team couldn't be more excited about our new space.

Our new address is:

Specs US Compound Handling facility
14900 Burbridge Road SE
Cumberland, MD 21502
p +1 401 782 2994
f +1 301 722 5361


2 - Specs continues PCI DSS certification in 2012

We are proud to announce that, also in 2012, Specs has been certified as a fully PCI DSS compliant company. The PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) provides a framework for a robust data security process for credit card payments and is mandatory for companies who accept MasterCard® and Visa card payments. PCI DSS compliant companies meet the high anti-fraud and security standards regarding the use and data storage of sensitive credit card details according to MasterCard® SecureCode™ and Verified by Visa.

These security measures, also known as 3-D Secure, are incorporated in the Specs.net online payment tool. 3-D Secure introduces an extra step in credit card orders for your online safety. You are protected against fraud and misuse of your credit card number, because you have to reconfirm your identity prior to your online payment. Only you as the rightful owner of your credit card can make online purchases. Your business is safe with us!

For more details on 3-D security authorizations of your credit card provider and how to fully activate your MasterCard® SecureCode™ or Verified by Visa for web payments, please visit their successive websites on www.mastercard.com and www.visa.com.


3 - Specs, Aurora Biomed Inc. and Alion Pharmaceuticals form Ion Channel Drug Discovery Consortium

Specs is pleased to announce to have signed an agreement with Aurora Biomed Inc. and Alion Pharmaceuticals to form a new Ion Channel Drug Discovery Consortium that will provide a novel, comprehensive solution for ion channel drug discovery. Together, the three companies will offer value added identification and validation of ion channel modulators. The Ion Channel Consortium combines Alion's proprietary method for short-listing drug candidates, Specs' reliable sourcing and synthesis of compounds and Aurora's superior patch clamp services thus enabling time and cost savings while providing a unique method to identify new drug candidates for channelopathies.

Aurora Biomed Inc. is a global leader in the design and development of laboratory solutions for life science, environmental science and drug discovery focussing on ion channel screening services and innovative high-throughput ion channel screening technology. Aurora's proprietary ion channel readers address drug safety issues earlier in the discovery process and provides contract research services for ion channels, channel forming proteins and toxins, creation and testing of mutant cDNA ion channels, and various ion channel cell lines.

Specs is the world's leading provider of on-site and/or off-site compound management services besides being one of the main suppliers of high-quality screening compounds, building blocks and natural products. Specs also employs a highly experienced group of chemists for synthetic and cheminformatics services on a FTE or FFS basis for lead discovery programs. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and world-class expertise, Specs provides custom-tailored services and breakthrough solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical industry worldwide, allowing the customers to concentrate on the development of their core (research) activities.

Alion Pharmaceuticals in silico technology rapidly identifies lead compounds to modulate certain ligand and voltage-gated ion channels, including the AMPA, NMDA, nAch receptors, calcium and potassium ion channels as well as protein-protein interactions. Alion's technology is applicable to designing small molecule leads for specific ion channels and macro-molecule targets, where only the structure of a peptide (or protein) ligand is known. High value compounds, provided by Specs, can then have their effect on ion channels and are characterized through limited experimentation.


4 - Compound procurement

In order to procure compounds needed for your research activities, sourcing from twenty or more different vendors is likely. The administration and handling involved to complete such an operation can become overwhelming. In fact, many researchers or purchasing agents will sacrifice interesting compounds in order to minimize this large number of vendors. Specs can act as a third party purchaser and order compounds from the indicated vendors on your behalf and under your pricing conditions. With only one contact, the ordering process is clear and much easier to manage. For this service, you pay only the actual compound cost from the original vendor plus a small management fee for our sourcing service.

Specs will take care of the complete process, from ordering the compounds to shipping them in any given format and in one single shipment to your research facilities around the world with one consolidated database. The entire procedure can encompass:

● order tracking and administration
● structural integrity check
● weight check
● quality control
● reformatting into standardized vials
● plating (mother- and daughter plates)
● database consolidation
● one single shipment to all your research facilities around the world

Specs will contact all desired vendors, order the compounds you need, monitor all incoming shipments and take care of the administrative hassle involved. If compounds appear to be unavailable from one vendor, we can source them from other suppliers, if you desire so, or otherwise take care of crediting for undelivered compounds. We will cross-check the structural integrity of all incoming compounds according to your guidelines, determine the correct weight and perform a quality check on the incoming samples by means of LC/MS and/or 1H-NMR. All samples will be reformatted into your standardized vials, plated into 96- or 384-well plates or tubes and properly barcoded. All details concerning tare weights and contents are properly registered into one single database. In the end, one organized delivery is made, one shipment to all your research facilities, one database and one invoice. Please note that additional fees may apply for additional services, such as reformatting and quality control. Specs has a proven track record for this service and references are available upon request.

If you would like to receive more information on our Compound Procurement program, please feel free to contact us at info@specs.net.


5 - Specs on tour

If you would like to set up a meeting with one of our representatives, please send an e-mail to info@specs.net.


6 - Latest compound releases

The latest release of the complete Specs compound library is available for download from www.specs.net. Login using your personal account details and download the library from the Available Databases directory on the 'Upload/Download' page. If you don’t have a personal account yet you can fill in the registration form and within 24 hours you will receive your personal login data.

The March 2012 Specs Compound Library release includes:

  • Screening Compounds:
  • Building Blocks:
  • Natural Products:
  • New Exciting Academic Database (ExAcD):
  • World Diversity Set 3 (WDS3):
  • Specs Consortium database:

205,307 entries (10 mg and more)
8,666 entries
465 entries
381,384 entries
10,000 pre-plated compounds
30,335 pre-plated compounds

It is possible to download these databases or the latest additions to the screening compounds collection.

Upon request a CD-ROM version of Specs’ compound library releases can be sent to you free of charge. This CD-ROM is released once every 6 months. In order to receive these CD-ROM releases, please request your subscription here or contact our sales department at info@specs.net and refer to our CD-ROM releases.

For more information on compounds available in smaller quantities (minimum amount 1 mg), please contact our sales department at info@specs.net.

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