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Dear Specs.net user,

Welcome to the October 2011 issue of the Specs.net newsletter!
In this issue:

1 - Introducing our new International Sales Manager: Yulia Gerhardt
2 - New pre-plated World Diversity Set available

3 - Quality Control at Specs
4 - Specs on tour
5 - Latest compound releases


1 - Introducing our new International Sales Manager: Yulia Gerhardt

As of September 1st 2011 Yulia Gerhardt-Tazikova started as our new International Sales Manager Europe and Asia/Pacific. Yulia will coordinate all compound management activities in these regions and will serve as the contact person between Specs and her customers, strengthening existing relationships and exploring new ones.


Yulia has a broad experience in the life science field. Among others she worked for Nestle Waters, Xendo Pharmaservices and the Dutch Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs as International Life Sciences Advisor. Russian-born Yulia speaks 6 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and native Russian. She is excited to take on this new challenge and is looking forward to meeting you in person. Feel free to contact her directly on yulia.gerhardt@specs.net.


 2 - New pre-plated World Diversity Set available

fter the success of Specs’ World Diversity Sets 1 and 2 we are proud to release World Diversity Set 3 (WDS3). WDS3 contains 10,000 diverse screening compounds from 454 different producers from 47 countries worldwide and has been carefully selected using various unique filters to maximize chemical diversity in the library. WDS3 is available in Beckman 96-Deepwell plates with a compound purity level higher than 90% as determined by UPLC and/or 1H-NMR and can be reformatted in any given plate format on request. This library is available from stock and can be supplied within 2 weeks after ordering. Technical details on WDS3 are listed below:

Specs WDS3 collection format:

Number of compounds
Plate type
Plate layout
Empty columns

: 10,000
: 10 mM/200 µl
: Beckman Deepwell
: Capmat
: 80 compounds/plate
: 1+12
: DMSO solution or dry film
: 2.50 EUR /~4.00 USD

The WDS3 SD-file can be downloaded from the Available Databases directory on the 'Upload/Download' page of Specs.net. For more information on this pre-plated library, please download the WDS3 factsheet here.


3 - Quality Control at Specs

Specs' Quality Control Department continuously monitors all incoming samples and safeguards the quality of the complete Specs Compound Library. To ensure the high level of quality that is of great importance for our customers, Specs routinely uses a Waters Acquity UPLC-SQD system and a Varian 400 MHz NMR spectrometer in high-throughput mode.

Several companies recognized the ability to make Specs' QC Department an integral part of their own quality control and have used our facilities and expertise to analyze their own in-house collections. Analysis of compounds and interpretation of the results can be done following the standard Specs QC protocol, but the customers in-house method can also be applied to ensure uniformity in your QC data.

We have recently completed an extensive project for one of Europe’s leading pharmaceutical companies for which we have analyzed a selection of nearly 20,000 compounds from 384-well plates earlier this year using their internal analysis and interpretation protocols. Results, reports and raw data were successfully uploaded to their secured website.

If you would like to receive more information on how Specs QC Department can complement your own Quality Control program, please feel free to contact us on info@specs.net.


4 - Specs on tour

If you would like to set up a meeting with one of our representatives, please send an e-mail to info@specs.net.


5 - Latest compound releases

The latest release of the complete Specs compound library is available for download from www.specs.net. Login using your personal account details and download the library from the Available Databases directory on the 'Upload/Download' page. If you don’t have a personal account yet you can fill in the registration form and within 24 hours you will receive your personal login data.

The October 2011 Compound Library release includes:

  • Screening Compounds:
  • Building Blocks:
  • Natural Products:
  • New Exciting Academic Database (ExAcD):
  • World Diversity Set 3 (WDS3):
  • Specs Consortium database:

204,357 entries (10 mg and more)
8,400 entries
488 entries
381,384 entries
10,000 pre-plated compounds
30,335 pre-plated compounds

It is possible to download these databases or the latest additions to the screening compounds collection.

Upon request a CD-ROM version of Specs’ compound library releases can be sent to you free of charge. This CD-ROM is released once every 6 months. In order to receive these free of charge CD-ROM releases, please request your subscription here or contact our sales department on info@specs.net and refer to our CD-ROM releases.

For more information on compounds available in smaller quantities (minimum amount 1 mg), please contact our sales department on info@specs.net.

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