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 Specs.net Newsletter Issue I, 2008
Dear Specs.net user,
Welcome to the July 2008 issue of the Specs.net newsletter!
In this issue:
1 - Patent marker synthesis
2 - Compound Aggregation
3 - Specs.net hardware upgrade in progress
4 - How to keep our available compounds up-to-date in your system
5 - Specs on tour
6 - New Compound Library available

1 - Patent marker synthesis
The synthesis of small sets of patent markers is one of the services of the Specs Research Laboratory (SRL) that gets increased attention from customers. In the last 6 months the number of projects has increased again, also due to the expertise and capacity of our partners in India and China. Below, two typical projects are highlighted to exemplify this service.
For a pharmaceutical company a series of patent markers and analogues thereof has been synthesized. The preparation of the intermediates consisted of two parallel routes of 5 reaction steps, which were outsourced to one of our partners in China. In SRL each intermediate, for which a milestone payment was set, was used in the parallel synthesis of 3 patent markers and 3 analogues. In total 12 compounds, 50mg each, were sent within 6 weeks to the customer in their own vials, together with a database and the quality data confirming the purity.
By order of a screening company a series of analogues of a patent marker has been synthesized. In a single route seven step synthesis the final intermediate was synthesized on 4g scale. Since the last step was expected to be fairly easy no milestone payments were set. This intermediate material was used for the synthesis of three of the five analogues in 100-150 mg. The remaining two analogues were synthetically not feasible and two alternatives were synthesized after consulting the customer.
Please contact us for additional information on this subject via info@specs.net.

2 - Compound Aggregation
In previous newsletters we have introduced the Compound Aggregation to you. This new service from Specs is getting a lot of response from our customers which has resulted in over 10 companies that have selected Specs to assist them in their Compound Acquisition programs and/or Supplier Reduction Programs. These deals vary from 10 compounds per order to 10's of thousands of compounds per order from 1 vendor to over 20 vendors.
To deliver even better service in these projects, Specs has expanded their QC capacity in both LC-MS and 1H-NMR. With this 'add-on', Specs can also perform QC to the acquired compounds before they enter your store. This will prevent pollution of your store and thus save precious time and money. Specs obviously can perform QC according to your specifications, to allow comparison with your internally performed analysis.
We'll summarize the Compound Aggregator services below for your convenience:
The entire process from placing the orders to shipping the compounds in customer specific format to the end user can be organized by Specs. This includes e.g.:
- order administration
- receiving the goods
- checking the structural integrity according to YOUR guidelines
- consolidate the databases
- checking the weights
- performing quality control
- transferring to your vials/packaging
- preparing mother and daughter plates
- shipping
In short, Compound Aggregation offers you the convenience of reducing your supplier base to one point of contact but still have full access to the full chemical space. You will also receive all the required compounds in the right format;
Numerous vendors, one order, one point of contact! Please contact us for additional information on this convenient service via info@specs.net.

3 - Specs.net hardware upgrade in progress

Last weeks the IT department of Specs worked on the installation of a brand new server in order to upgrade the hardware of the - chemistry enabled - Specs.net and Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry web sites (www.specs.net and www.jhetchem.com). During the next weeks work on this server upgrade will continue until the hardware upgrade is fully completed.

Because of this upgrade we expect Specs.net to be off-line for a few days somewhere during the summer holiday period. We will notify all users about this via email in advance. Except for improving the system on reliability even more, users of these web sites will also profit from the improved performances of this new server machine. The expected downtime period currently is scheduled from 12 to 15 August 2008. We hope that we will only need a few day's to complete the entire upgrade.

4 - How to keep our available compounds up-to-date in your system
Between the monthly web-releases of our Screening Compounds, Building Blocks and Natural Products Compound Libraries the available amounts of these compounds from our stock may vary a lot. To keep your internal database system up to date with the actual amounts we have available, it is possible to download and use a CVS file from one of our servers. The file provides you with a table of the IDNUMBER and AVAILABILITY (mg) for all compounds directly available in 1 mg or more.
This file is called 'Specs_availabilities.csv' and can be downloaded from the public FTP site ftp://filetransfer.specs.net or Specs.net. Every day at 8:00 am CET this file will be updated and uploaded. The file has an "start line" and "end line" with date stamp to verify the correctness of the file.
If a compound is not in this table it can be depleted or reserved. In case of a reservation, the compound might become available again after a reservation is removed. You might decide to leave not-available compounds in your system but we strongly advise to flag them as currently not available though.
Our Specs.net support team is always prepared to answer you questions about this CVS file and related procedures via the email address support@specs.net.

5 - Specs on tour
  • DDT 2008, August 4-7, Boston (USA)
  • 4th Annual Compound Management & Integrity, 22-24 Sept. Philadelphia (USA)
If you would like to set up a meeting with one of our representatives, please send an e-mail to info@specs.net.

6 - New Compound Library available
The latest update of the complete Specs Compound Library is available via our website
www.specs.net. Just login using your personal account details and download the library from the Available Databases directory on the 'Upload/Download' page.
The July 2008 Compound Library release includes the following:
- Screening Compounds (10 mg and more), 201.764 compounds
- Building Blocks, 8.076 compounds
- Natural Products, 377 compounds
Please note that the number of compounds in these libraries on the CD-ROM version of the May release is printed incorrect on the CD-ROM disk label.
You have the choice to download the latest database of Screening Compounds, Building Blocks, Natural Products, Pre-plated Libraries or only the new entries since the former web-release. You can also choose your preferred format.
In case you don't have a personal account yet or would like an additional account for your colleague, just register as a new user and within 24 hours you will receive your personal login data.
For more information on compounds available in smaller quantities (minimum amount 1 mg), do not hesitate to contact our sales department (info@specs.net).

Contact us:
info@specs.net:                  General information (questions, comments, suggestions, etc.)
support@specs.net:            Support for technical questions
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Best regards,
The Specs.net Team
P.S: If you think that friends or colleagues might find Specs.net useful, don't hesitate to forward this message!

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