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Thrombotargets Corp. and Specs achieve first milestone in their Drug Discovery collaboration and announce the beginning of a new Anticoagulant program.

North Carolina, April 23rd, 2007. - Since Specs (Delft, The Netherlands) and Thrombotargets Corp (Durham, NC) announced their Drug Discovery Collaboration Agreement, in 2006, Thrombotargets has carried out the HTS of specific library provided by Specs with its powerful and innovative BioPlatformScreen(TM) technology. Thrombotargets has been able to identify some new anticoagulant small molecules.

The discovered hits exert an important potency and its therapeutical window is much wider than those of Heparins, Low Molecular Weight Heparins (LMWH) and other standard treatments. "We are very excited and feel very optimistic regarding this success in our collaboration with Specs. In addition, these new hits will balance our present peptide-based and antibody-based anticoagulant programs" said Dr. Javier PedreƱo, President and CEO of Thrombotargets Corp.

"We are confident that the combined power of our high quality screening compounds library and Thrombotargets(TM)  BioPlatformScreen(TM) Technology will generate even more new projects" said Johan Tijhuis, Specs' CEO.

Thrombotargets and Specs have decided to continue its Drug Discovery collaboration to take advantage of their respective technologies and know-how, in the Hit to Lead and Lead Optimization process.


Thrombotargets Corp.

Luis Caveda Ph.D.



Johan Tijhuis Ph.D.




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