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Thrombotargets Corp. and Specs to collaborate on identification and optimization of new drug candidates

Companies Sign a Collaborative Agreement

Miami, April 13th 2006 - Thrombotargets Corporation and Specs today announced the formation of a drug discovery collaboration. Under the terms of this agreement, Specs will provide Thrombotargets Corporation with numerous small molecule libraries, cheminformatics support for the selection of targeted libraries and medicinal chemistry services.

Thrombotargets has developed and adapted to High Throughput Screening, a new family of biological assays, HemostaScreen, capable of quantifying simultaneously clot formation and clot lysis, OxidantScreen to quantify total antioxidant capacity and AtheroScreen, to quantify low-density lipoprotein modification. Utilizing the Specs' libraries and hit-to-lead chemistry, and its broad collection of unique and powerful uHTS platforms (BioPlatformScreenTM) Thrombotargets will seek to identify and optimize drug candidates for multiple targets.

'With the input of Specs' chemistry solutions we are confident that this collaboration will soon generate a pipeline of novel and promising drug candidates' said Javier PedreƱo, CEO and President of Thrombotargets Corporation.

'Specs is very excited about the collaboration with Thrombotargets' said Johan Tijhuis, CEO of Specs. 'With the unique BioPlatformScreen, Thrombotargets is in a position to identify valuable lead compounds based on small molecules'.



Thrombotargets (www.thrombotargets.com ) is a privately held group of Biotech companies focused on the discovery and development of innovative drugs in Haemostasis, Thrombosis and Atherosclerosis. Thrombotargets Corporation (Miami, FL, USA) is responsible for Drug Development and High Throughput Screening; Thrombotargets Europe (Barcelona, Spain) for Target Identification, Lead validation and Lead optimization and Biotech Libraries (London, UK) for engineered targeted libraries.

The company has a number of potential new drugs in development internally, and its proprietary targets and innovative uHTS platforms (BioPlatformScreenTM) are used for internal drug discovery programs, and also for out-licensing and partnering of new research projects. Presently, two of Thrombotargets most innovative drug candidates (TT-103, a novel antibleeding to be use topically, and TT-C01, a novel anticoagulant) are undergoing Preclinical trials; these programs will begin Phase I clinical trials at the end of the year.



In its 18 years of existence Specs (www.specs.net ) has become a main supplier of high quality and diverse screening compounds and building blocks to the Life Science industry and has a long track record as a leading provider of turn-key compound management services. In addition to that, Specs offers cheminformatics, contract research and custom synthesis services to facilitate the industry's R&D efforts.

Specs gained valuable knowledge and expertise through several drug discovery collaborations in various disease areas, which have led to hit and lead compound series in different stages of development.


Thrombotargets Corp.

Luis Caveda Ph.D.


Johan Tijhuis Ph.D.





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