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San Jose, California,  December 9, 2004 - Sertanty, Inc., a leading provider of drug discovery cheminformatics products and services, and Specs, a leading supplier of screening compounds and research chemicals, announced today the signing of a collaboration and service agreement to design and produce small molecule libraries targeting several kinase families. Under the agreement, Sertanty will apply its Kinase KnowledgeBase and predictive eScreen technology to design targeted libraries that Specs will offer to its worldwide customerbase of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Dr. Steven Muskal, CEO of Sertanty, said, "We are very excited to be working with Specs, a premier chemistry partner of the pharmaceutical industry, to provide targeted, drug-like molecules customized to enhance the output of drug discovery efforts. Specs' chemical production and provision know-how is an excellent synergistic match to Sertanty's technology and design capabilities."

"We are delighted to collaborate with Sertanty on the design and production of kinase targeted libraries", said Dr. Johan Tijhuis, CEO of Specs. "Sertanty's excellent technology in designing libraries combined with Specs' compound sourcing and synthesis capabilities will enable us to offer high quality focussed libraries to our customers".

Specs (Delft, The Netherlands), is a leading provider of chemistry and chemistry services for drug discovery. In addition to screening compounds and building blocks Specs offers cheminformatics and custom synthesis services. Other services include compound reformatting and compound management services. For information contact Specs at info@specs.net, or see www.specs.net

Sertanty, Inc., is headquartered in San Jose, California with sales and support in Boston, Massachusetts. Sertanty provides knowledge-based software, chemistry and Kinase family structure-activity knowledgebases, and collaborative services that accelerate the workflows associated with discovering and evolving novel, medicinally relevant compositions of matter. For information on the company, see http://www.sertanty.com ยค


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