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 Specs.net Newsletter November Issue II, 2005
Dear Specs.net user,
Welcome to the November 2005 issue of the Specs.net newsletter!
In this issue:
1 - Eidogen-Sertanty and Specs Release Kinase-Targeted Library
2 - Ordering to 1 mg on-line via Specs.net
3 - Specs on tour
4 - Holiday Season
5 - November Compound Library available




1 - Eidogen-Sertanty and Specs Release Kinase-Targeted Library

Eidogen-Sertanty, Inc., a computational drug discovery solutions provider, and Specs, a leading supplier of screening compounds and research chemicals, launched a library of small molecules focused towards inhibitors of several protein kinase families. Eidogen-Sertanty applied the Kinase Knowledgebase and eScreen components of its DirectDesign. discovery platform to select a subset of molecules from Specs diverse compound collection. These selected molecules were predicted to have good bioavailability and activity against a series of therapeutically relevant kinases.

For more information, please contact Specs at info@specs.net.

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2 - Ordering to 1 mg on-line via Specs.net

Due to a change within Specs' logistic software it is now possible to order amounts starting from 1 mg via the on-line Specs.net databases when less then 10 mg for a specific compound is available. No Specs.net account yet? Register as new user right away on www.specs.net.
3 - Specs on tour
  • World Pharma IT Congress in London (UK)  - November 16-17 2005,
    Meet Peter Maas (Lead Development) or Michel Damen (IT)
  • LabAutomation in Palm Springs, (CA, USA) - January 22-24, 2006,
    Meet Dave Hayes (Sales US) or Jaco Koobs (Compound Handling)
  • Screening & Medchem Europe at Prague (Czech Republic) . February 20-22 2006,
    Meet Eilt van der Star (Sales Europe) or Dave Hayes (Sales US)

If you would like to set up a meeting with one of our representatives, please send an e-mail to info@specs.net.


4 - Holiday Season

Specs will be open between Christmas and New Year. A limited team will be assure the handling of your orders and requests. As of January 2nd 2006, the complete team will be available to provide you with our known service.


5 - November Compound Library available

The November update of the complete Specs Compound Library is available on our website www.specs.net. Just login using your personal account details and download the library from the  Available Databases directory on the 'Upload/Download' page.
The November 2005 Compound Library release includes the following:
155,720 Screening Compounds (10 mg and more)
6,946 Building Blocks
551 Natural Products
Download the latest database of Screening Compounds, Building Blocks, Natural Products, Pre-plated Libraries or only the new entries since the last release of October 2005. You can choose your preferred format. In case you don't have a personal account yet or would like an additional account for your colleague, just register as a new user and within 24 hours you will receive your personal login data.
For more information on compounds available in smaller quantities (minimum amount 1 mg), do not hesitate to contact our sales department (


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Best regards,
The Specs.net Team
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