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Specs Research Laboratory

Specs Research Laboratory - Organic synthesisFounded in the year 2000 , the Specs Research Laboratory (SRL) is a reliable partner for outsourcing research and development for pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotechnology industries.

Working on a large number of projects for these industries the SRL has gained valuable expertise in (bio-) organic chemistry, physical organic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis.

Their activities include the synthesis of:

  • (new classes of) compounds
    for lead discovery and optimization
  • known compounds (either from
    literature or in-house sources)
  • Building Blocks
  • small libraries of analogues 
  • Currently, the SRL offers two chemistry services:

    Custom synthesis

    The Specs Research Laboratory (SRL) provides versatile state-of-the-art facilities for synthesis and research activities. Outsourcing of known chemistry, which is either well-documented in literature or developed in our customers' own laboratory, can be contracted to the SRL on the basis of an agreed fixed fee or FTE-rate. Of course confidentiality on all projects is guaranteed.

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    Contract research

    Outsourcing of research programs (like feasibility studies, reaction scopes and optimizations) can be done on an exclusive basis by the Specs Research Laboratory. Therefore, all generated data and synthesized compounds remain the property of the customer and the Intellectual Property Rights will be retained.

    Contract research projects will run under monthly or yearly contracts. A construction in which our already attractive FTE-rate is split in a monthly fee and a success fee upon delivery is negotiable. Clear and concise communication as well as customized sample delivery (vials, plates, tubes or combinations thereof) complements our services.

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    Besides that, the SRL can also carry out the follow-up on hit molecules from lead discovery programs. Of course confidentiality on all projects is guaranteed. ยค

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