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Compound Handling

Specs offers its over 25 years of compound management experience to streamline chemical compound collections of its customers. Specs' task in this is to analyze and/or process the customers' historical collection so that it can be used in their storage and retrieval systems.

Specs processes batches of compounds both on-site and off-site (at the customer's site or either Specs facilities in The Netherlands or the USA). Through these unique collaborations, researchers will gain access to potentially valuable compounds for high throughput screening using a uniform system spanning all compounds.

Specs' compound handling services include, but are not limited to:

  • compound registration
  • labeling
  • quality control
  • weighing
  • plating
  • reformatting
  • shipping
  • storage (off-site)

With these 'turnkey' projects the customer is released from the overall organization and investments in personnel, hardware and software. All requested activities in the project are carefully implemented in customizable software that controls every step of the process by barcode reading.

The end product of a project is an organized collection with uniformity in vial type, labels, barcodes and details concerning tare weights and contents of the vials.

Read more in this factsheet about our Compound Management services.


Specs, Compound Handling

Over the past years Specs has completed several large projects, reformatting libraries of 500 to over 500,000 compounds within a few months. References are available upon request.

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