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Unique selling points

All Specs compounds are submitted to a robust quality control procedure (LC/MS and 1H-NMR) to confirm the structure and purity of the individual compound.

For the various product groups the following criteria for the purity apply:

  • Screening compounds > 90%
  • Building blocks > 95%
  • Natural products > 80%

Specs considers it of utmost importance that every aspect of a transaction is done in the most efficient and expedient way. We are entirely organized to realize short delivery times, meet deadlines, provide proper documentation to ensure easy custom clearance (if required).

Specs aims to be flexible in any step of the service you request from us: all our products & services are provided to you following your criteria.
Flexibility at Specs is manifested in several ways:

  • the format in which you want your compounds to be delivered (vial, plate, label, concentration, amount,...). The database that goes along every order is also fine-tuned to your demand.
  • the detailed organization of your Compound Library after our Compound Handling Specialists have completed their task

At Specs we do it Your Way!


Specs retains a small quantity of every compound in stock, that is only accessible to customers who have acquired this particular compound before. This can be very useful for reconfirming the activity of an identified hit. This re-supply rate is higher than 90%. 

Direct check of available compounds by using Specs.net
The Specs catalogue can be consulted on-line after login on our website.
 This unique internet application allows on-line searching among and ordering of compounds from our dynamic compound collection. The available amounts are updated on a daily basis, and the analytical data (LC/MS and 1H-NMR reports) are displayed as well.

Orders placed through this system will be processed with the highest priority by shipping the order within 5 working days after the order has been placed.

Over the years, Specs has built up an extensive global acquisition network. Consequently, our stock consists of a chemically as well as geographically diverse set of compounds

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