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Building blocks

Specs offers a diverse and unique set of heterocyclic building blocks in multi-gram quantities, suitable for high-throughput and combinatorial synthesis of pharmaceutical libraries or scale-up of lead compounds for further development.

General Information
Most building blocks are solid organic synthetic compounds with a molecular weight (of the core structure) of less than 350 Dalton. We consider building blocks to be small (hetero) cyclic (fused) ring compounds with one or more chemical handles.

Examples of the core structures are:

  • Pyridines, diazines and triazines
  • (Iso)quinolines
  • (Iso)indoles, benzofuranes and benzothiophenes
  • Tri- and tetrazoles, (di)thia(di)azoles
  • Imidazoles and pyrazoles
  • Pteridines, naphtheridines and purines
  • Phthalazines, quinazolines and quinoxalines
  • Acridines, phenazines and phenothiazines
  • (Partially) hydrogenated forms of the above listed compounds

Examples of chemical handles are:

  • Carboxylic acids, aldehydes and (stable) acid chlorides
  • Sulfonic acids, sulfonic amines
  • Halogens, methyl and acyl groups
  • Hydroxy-, thio- and nitro groups
  • Amines and secondary amides
  • Hydrazines, imines and oximes
  • Combinations of all of the above

We also have a comprehensive line of boronic acids available.

In general, the available weights of the building blocks range up to 50 gram.


Building Blocks

The purity of the offered building blocks is 95% or higher

Compound Information
We provide the following information on the building blocks:

  • Molecular structure and molecular formula
  • Full stereochemical information
  • If available, a literature reference in which the synthesis is described or the synthetic procedure is provided.

We provide unique and novel building blocks and avoid offering compounds that are commercially available from other compound vendors.

In case you have special interest in specific building blocks, scaffolds, or core structures that we do not offer, please let us know. We try to make our library as diverse as possible and we are eager to update our library with new compounds that satisfy your needs. ยค  

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