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Specs Sponsors of 3M Challenge Bike Race

Specs Chemical Services, Inc. of Cumberland, MD (subsidiary of Compound Handling, B.V. of Zoetermeer, The Netherlands) is sponsoring a team of six strong cyclists for the upcoming 3rd annual 3M Challenge bike race. This charity event raises awareness and money for maintenance and development of the Maryland portion of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP), a popular and spectacular 150-mile rail-trail that extends from Cumberland to Pittsburgh, PA.

The name "3M" stands for "Man versus Mountain versus Machine." On September 12, 2020, cyclists will strive to beat the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad (WMSR) train up the mountain from Cumberland to the town of Frostburg, MD--a demanding 15.6-mile route. Teams of 2-6 riders begin their ascent just beyond the starting line at the Cumberland WMSR station and continue up the mountain without respite. The demanding race ends with an even steeper climb from the GAP to the finish line at the Frostburg depot. Racers will ride in a team time-trial format, departing every 10 minutes. To maximize speed and effort, each team will maintain a tight single file formation, trading off who leads and "pulls" the remaining members. 

Located in Cumberland since 2002, Specs is a global leader of outsourced compound management services, as well as a supplier of research compounds to the life science industry. The company operates its US warehouse in Cumberland and its corporate headquarters in The Netherlands. Each location stores millions of chemical compounds under controlled environmental conditions for the life science industry.

Specs Sponsors of 3M Challenge Bike Race

published on: 09-Sep-20