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Specs featured in May issue of the Dutch Life Sciences Magazine

Specs featured with an interview in the May issue of Biotech & Life Sciences News, the Dutch Life Sciences Magazine. In this interview Specs CEO Dr Johan Tijhuis and CFO Arie Speksnijder reveal how Specs keeps up with the changes and challenges in compound management. Founded in 1987, Specs has been main supplier of screening compounds and building blocks to the Life Science industry. In the dynamic and ever-changing drug discovery landscape, Specs recognized the increasing need for outsourced compound management activities.

Drawing from their decade-long experience in handling millions of chemical compounds, the company has made a successful transformation from being a compound broker to a long-term full compound management partner for small biotech companies, medium and large pharma and research organizations. Nowadays Specs provides storage, high accuracy weighing, processing and shipping of thousands of research compounds to customer facilities around the world on daily basis. As a next step, Specs is currently installing an automated compound storage and management facility at their headquarters in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, in which customers with small and medium sized compound libraries can acquire dedicated shelf space for mid or long-term storage under desired controlled conditions.

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Specs featured in May issue of the Dutch Life Sciences Magazine

published on: 17-Jul-19