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New issue of Exciting Academic Database (ExAcD) available for download

The ExAcD library is an unfiltered collection of compounds offered to us by academic and research institutes from all over the world. Due to our unique global acquisition program our off stream collection of compounds might be of interest to your research and screening projects. The chemistry offered is not generally accessible through other databases and can be downloaded exclusively via our website after logon to your personal account.

The compounds from this library are not supplied directly from our available stock but will be ordered from our suppliers instead. Subsequently the quality of the ordered compounds will be verified by our specialized QC department. This ordering procedure results in delivery times that may vary from two to six weeks. Upon placing an inquiry, you will be informed about the delivery time of each compound.

To be able to download the latest Specs ExAcD library release (August 2020, 492,534 raw entries), please logon to your personal account and browse to the 'Databases' directory of the Upload/Download area or request your new account here. If you have further questions about this new database please contact us at

Read the factsheet (PDF) about this exciting database here.

New issue of Exciting Academic Database (ExAcD) available for download

published on: 06-Aug-20