Accessing data

Specs compound libraries and other data is easily accessible via the Internet. Everyone with a personal user account automatically is provided with access to the file transfer server of using their username/password combination. Next to the regular (web) access to, access to the file transfer server can be used for fetching the latest information or updates of our available compound libraries. Also SOAP and REST services are available for integrating our data into corporate IT systems.

Automation of library updates
Using file download via the server enables an easier automation of updates of Specs’ current available compound libraries for your in-house system. A plain ASCII file (Specs_availabilities.csv) containing daily up-to-date availability of our compound inventory in mg, is also available for download.

For more information, difficulties with or questions about integration of these updates into your local environment, please let your responsible IT staff contact support team via

Security of file transfers
In addition to the well known File Transfer Protocol (FTP), we also support the secure FTPS (FTP Secure) protocol for transfers requiring a secured communication channel. When using FTPS, the data transferred will be heavily encrypted by a TLS certificate self-signed by Specs. Interested? Read more about FTPS and SSL/TLS.

Using a secure password
Of course, security starts with a good password for accessing your on-line account(s), therefore we ask you to be aware of this when choosing a password for the first time. We recommend to change your password regularly (at least once a year) and to use these guidelines for creating strong passwords. Please never leave the front door wide open!

How to use / settings
Protocols: FTP, SSL/TLS (FTPS)
Username/password: Your logon credentials
Client programs can be any command line based FTP program or any regular application like for example FileZilla, WS-FTP or Cute-FTP. Compound Power Gateway (SOAP and REST services)
The compound power gateway provides SOAP and REST services for advanced users. These services can be used to implement Specs resources into your IT system easily.

Please read the documentation for the Compound Power Gateway here.