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World Diversity Set
The World Diversity Set is a pre-plated screening library of 10,000 compounds that have been selected specifically to maximize the geographical diversity of the library. The compounds are representing the entire collection of compounds available from Specs.

Dual diversity
In total, 370 universities and research groups, located all over the world, are contributing to this set of 10,000 compounds. Starting with an original set of over 20,000 geographically diverse compounds, computational enumeration has been executed to maximize the chemical diversity of the library. Because of this dual diversity approach, this library is quite unique.

The compounds can be supplied in 0.5 mg (Costar 96-well microtiter plates with u-shaped bottom), or 200 ul 10mM DMSO (solid Beckman 96-deepwell plates). Each plate contains 80 compounds, columns 1 and 2 remain empty for the mass based plates and columns 1 and 12 for the molar based plates.

The quality of the compounds has been determined by LC/MS and/or 1H-NMR. The purity of the compounds is higher than 90%. The analytical data can be supplied in electronic format with the compounds.


Lead likeliness
Additionally, the 'lead likeliness' of the compounds has been determined by calculating ADME-parameters. These parameters have been calculated using the TSAR program from Accelrys. Furthermore, the LogS has been calculated. 

This library is available from stock and can be supplied within 2 weeks after ordering. ¤

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